What should I do to encourage babies to crawl?

The following is a list of things you can try to help babies learn to crawl:

  1. Make sure the baby gets plenty of tummy time
  2. Place toys out of reach or to the sides so baby can pivot while on tummy to reach for toys
  3. Help the baby to kneel with hands forward on a Boppy pillow or other low firm raised surface
  4. Place the baby tummy down over your legs as you sit on the floor. You can place toys that the baby can reach for but the most important part is to get the baby to place weight on extended arms.
  5. Help the baby to do pushups by giving baby a lift under ribs while baby is tummy down making sure to let baby keep arms extended, pushing against the floor
  6. Put the baby on all fours with your support and help the baby rock back and forth.

Below is a good YouTube video that will give you a visual of these activities:

Have fun with these activities while watching the babies develop these skills!