I’m concerned about my child and the level of attention he receives from child care staff. Is the LENA Grow system a reasonable option for my child’s child care program?  

The LENA Grow program is a professional development program for ECE teachers and providers that gives objective feedback about how much they are engaging with the children in their care. It is intended to be a strengths-based approach to build on provider skills and enhance the experiences, and, therefore, the brain development, of the children in the setting. It would be a good fit for a program that was looking to provide more support to providers in order to increase engagement. Using LENA Grow, early childhood providers can see a breakdown of how much conversation each child experienced and work to provide equitable opportunities for interaction to each child. Data from LENA shows that children in LENA Grow settings who start out experiencing the least amount of talk see the greatest gains in interaction.  For more information, visit https://www.lena.org/lena-grow/.