As a child care provider, we can’t overstate the importance of your role in a child’s development. Providing for infants and toddlers is crucial to their development and growth. In 2019, we had a lot to share about caregiving and child development, so we thought we’d put all those blogs together in one place for easy access.


Follow the Rules: Dealing with Discipline and Shaping Behavior

The Write Stuff: Activities that Encourage Writing Skills

The Gift of Spirit: The Importance of Persistence

How Do You Feel? Teaching Emotional Regulation to Toddlers

Sleep Well, Little Baby: How Sleep Affects Infant Development

What’s the Problem: How to Encourage Problem-Solving Skills in Babies and Toddlers

All Clean: Establishing Good Hand-Washing Habits

Explore the World: How to Encourage Independence in Infants and Toddlers

Celebrating Cultural Differences: Activities to Make Diverse Connections

Healthy Kids: Encourage an Environment of Wellness

Get Moving: 8 Fun Ideas that Promote Physical Activity

Get Involved: Doing Community Outreach with Your Child Care

Keep at It: Teaching Resilience in a Child Care Setting

Babies and Beyond: Managing Mixed-Age Groups

Let’s Talk: Maintain Good Communication with Parents

Easy as 1-2-3: Activities to Encourage Counting

Managing Behavior: Teaching Self-Control to Young Children

Outlining Expectations: Creating Child Care Policies and Procedures

Baby Playtime: Games and Activities to Engage with Infants

Professional Child Care Development Activities in Virginia

Mother Nature: Outdoor Learning Opportunities and Activities

There’s a Nap for That: Tips to Create a Peaceful Daytime Nap Routine

Learn and Grow: Teaching STEM in Early Education

Use Your Words: Language-Building Activities from Birth to Three

Lessons Learned: Common Misconceptions on Early Learning

Open for Business: Things to Consider About Starting a Family Child Care Business

We Are the World: Providing Culturally Responsive Care

Play Your Way: Designing Educational Place Spaces

Be Nice: How to Teach Kindness to Young Children

Love to Read: Early Literacy Activities

Let’s Play: Stages of Play and Appropriate Activities for Each

Crying Helps: How Tears Support Emotional Development

You Can Do It: Teaching Toddlers Problem-Solving Skills

Different Approaches to Learning: Creating a Plan to Adapt to Learning Styles

Plant the Seed: Good Nutrition through Gardening

Marking Milestones: Recognizing vs. Atypical Behaviors in Early Childhood

On the Move: Gross Motor Skill Development

Art Activities Encourage Social and Emotional Development

Encourage Early Literacy

The Importance of Fostering CreativityThe Importance of Social and Emotional Development