Milestones of Child Development

Milestones of Child Development

This is a comprehensive reference guide that focuses on behaviors and interactions of young children. It is designed to assist adults who care for children and includes recommended strategies to provide optimal learning environments and experiences.

Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals

Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals

This publication is intended to improve the quality of early childhood programs by clearly identifying the skills and knowledge needed by adults who are supporting the growth and development of children from birth to kindergarten.

Family Child Care Tool Kit

Family Child Care Provider Tool Kit

This resource contains guides and outlines, sample policies and procedures, forms and checklists, information on child development, health and safety, and is designed to assist family child care providers in promoting quality care and education for children they serve. In addition, May 2020 Tool Kit updates are reflected on page 226 through page 229.


from infant and toddler center-based programs and family care homes that have participated in on-site technical assistance and training services of the VA ITSN

"The VA Infant & Toddler Specialist Network affords us the opportunity to put new ideas and practices into place to help us become better at what we do and the care we provide."

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