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Audio Conference & Webinar Handouts

Preparing Your Family Child Care Home to Include Infants & Toddlers with Special Needs

August 22, 2018

AC Evaluation Now for AC Evaluation for Preparing Your FCC for Special Needs

Confidentiality Directors Toolbox

El Brown Blog

Examples of People First Language

Inclusion Fusion – Tips for Talking with Parents

What are the Responsibilities of the New Staff Member

What to Expect During an Early Intervention Visit

The CDC’s New Milestone Tracker App! How Can I Use It in My Infant & Toddler Child Care Setting?

June 21, 2018

AC Evaluation for CDC Milestone Tracker

All Milestone Checklists

CDC’s How to Talk with the Doctor – English and Spanish

County and City List for Infant & Toddler Connection

CDC’s Learn the Signs for Early Care and Education Providers

CDC’s Growth Chart – English and Spanish

Milestone Tracker App Flyer

CDC’s Tips for Talking with Parents about Developmental Concerns

Charting the Professional Development Course of Infant & Toddler Caregivers

May 17, 2018

AC Evaluation for Charting Professional Development

Back To School Brochure


Career Pathways

Meet the Team

Bouncing Babies: Modern Materials & Their Impact on Development in Infants & Toddlers

April 12, 2018

AC Evaluation for Bouncing Babies

Tummy Time Tips and Tools Handout

Tummy Time Activities Handout

You Are Not Alone: Strategies to Keep “Family” in Family Child Care Homes that Serve Infants & Toddlers

February 8, 2018

AC Evaluation for You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone PPT

Family Day Home Contract Information

Weekly Meal Planning Template

Sensory Story Time For Infants & Toddlers

December 6, 2017

Evaluation for Sensory Story Time

Sensory Story Time Presentation

Sensory Story Time Handout

Director Forum Webinar: “Positive Leadership: Reaching Your Infant & Toddler Staff Through Encouragement”

November 1, 2017

Evaluation for Positive Leadership Webinar

Marshmallow Challenge

Toothpick Activity

Leadership Compass Self Assessment

Values Exercise Worksheet

Positive Leadership – Reaching Your Infant & Toddler Staff Through Encouragement

Toothpick Picture

Safe Sleep Environments for Infants and Toddlers

September 27, 2017

AC Evaluation Template for Safe Sleep

Safe Sleep Environments for Infants Webinar Slide Deck

How To Get A Virginia Baby Box In Three Simple Steps

NICHD Safe Sleep for Your Baby Brochure

Resource Flyer

Safe Sleep Environment

Safe to Sleep Order Form

“Toxic Stress and the Brain: Trauma Informed Care for Infants and Toddlers”

March 2, 2017

Evaluation for Toxic Stress

How Can Child Care Programs Support Infants and Toddlers

Information and Referral

Symptoms and Behaviors Associated with Exposure to Trauma

Three Types of Stress

“Loose Parts: The Props of Play”

January 11, 2017

Evaluation for Loose Parts

Loose Parts Handout

“We Are One: Strengthening Infant & Toddler Families As We Work Together”

October 27, 2016

2-1-1 Fact Sheet

AC Evaluation for We Are One

Active Listening Skills for Childcare Providers

Audio Conference Resource List

Collaborative Community Partnership Reminders

Competencies for ECP – Partnering with Families and Community

Knowing and Respecting Families

Ten Tips for Involving Families

“Growing Your Professional Self for Infant & Toddler Caregivers”

August 24, 2016

Growing Your Professional Self for Infant & Toddler Caregivers Registration Form

Evaluation for Growing Your Professional Self for Infant & Toddler Caregivers

Growing Your Professional Self Webinar PowerPoint


Project Pathfinders FAQ

Scholarship Information Sheet

“Successful Inclusion Strategies for Infants & Toddlers”

March 23, 2016

Successful Inclusion Strategies Registration Form

Evaluation for Successful Inclusion

Video: What Is Early Intervention in Virginia?

0-36 months Development and Red Flags

Common Modifications, Adaptations, and Support

Red Flags with Activities

Successful Inclusion Strategies for Infants Discussion Questions

“Natural Temperaments”

January 13, 2016

Natural Temperaments – ITSN Webinar Handout

Evaluation for Natural Temperaments

“Winter Is Coming, Gear Up for Staying Healthy!”

October 28, 2015

Infant Handwashing
Wash Your Hands the Right Way
Winter Is Coming Evaluation
Winter Is Coming, Gear Up for Staying Healthy!

Guidelines for Using Sanitizers and Disinfectants
Taking a Temperature in Child Care
Child Care Weather Watch
Is It a Cold or the Flu
Flu Decision Chart

Questions – Winter is coming Gear Up for Staying Healthy

“Nurturing the Nurturer”

August 25, 2015

Helpful Resources to Combat Child Care Burnout
Maslow Handout
Project SEED Training Grid Handout FY 2016
Super Vision Leading with Courage
Taking Care of Ourselves

“Celebrating Infant and Toddler Milestones and Sharing Concerns”

May 15, 2015

Celebrating Milestones PowerPoint
Abbreviated Resource List
What Is Screening? Handout
Full Resource List

“Developmentally Appropriate Art Activities for Toddlers and Twos”

April 1, 2015

Art Activities Handout
Domains and Art for Toddlers and Twos
Three Temperament Types Handout
Infant and Toddler Sensory Art Experiences Handout
Temperament Assessment Scale for Children
Developmental Stages for Art Activities

“Should She Stay or Should She Go? The Inclusion and Exclusion of Infants & Toddlers”

February 11, 2015

Should She Stay or Should She Go Resource Sheet


 “Project SEED: Social Emotional Resources for Infants & Toddlers”

November 19, 2014

 “Infant Interactions Through Caregiving Routines”

September 15, 2014

 “Director’s Audio Conference”

May 15, 2014

 “Early Signs of Autism in Infants and Toddlers”

March 12, 2014

Please note that the above resources are not necessary to print for the audio conference but rather has been included for you to use as a future resource.

 “Winter Play”

December 18, 2013

Please note that the above resource is not necessary to print for the audio conference but rather has been included for you to use as a future resource.

 “Healthy from the Start: Eating Strategies that Nurture Young Children”

November 13, 2013

 “Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals”

May 21, 2013

 “Family-Friendly Policies and Procedures”

March 13, 2013

 “Fostering Family Connections

December 4, 2012


 “Allergy Awareness in Infant & Toddler Settings”

October 11, 2012


“Quality Care Environments for Infants & Toddlers”

May 9, 2012


 “Sensory Integration Needs of Infants and Toddlers”

December 7, 2011


 “Developmental Red Flags”

May 3, 2011


 “Exploring Nature with Infants and Toddlers”

March 9, 2011


 “Interactive Activities and Art for Infants and Toddlers”

December 9, 2010


 “Nutrition and Healthy Eating for Infants and Toddlers”

September 15, 2010



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